STH 015 : Deep in History with Culture and Nature of Southern Thailand 11 Days / 10 Nights


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Day 1: Bangkok – Phet Phetchaburi – Huahin – Pranburi (320 Km)

09.00 Check out from hotel, drive to the Old Quarter of Phet Phetchaburi. The oldest part of Petchburi is famous for its sweets market. Several shops in the area sell a variety of sticky sweet traditional Thai desserts, flavored with buttery pandan and banana. The buildings of the old town area don’t have the charms of many other old towns around Thailand, but the markets are definitely interesting. Next to visit Wat Yai Suwannaram was built during the late Ayutthaya period and restored in the reign of Phra Chao Sua of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, who also had his royal mansion moved from Ayutthaya and rebuilt as the temple’s sala kan Parian (multi-purpose building). This teak wooden building is beautifully decorated with fine wood carvings and octagonal pillars with different gilded black lacquer motifs. It has one of the country’s finest praying chairs. Its front doors are made of finely carved wood with foliage motifs and gold leaf. The ordination hall sports beautiful murals that date back to the 16th century. The principal Buddha statue of the ordination hall is in the Sukhothai art style. It also has a nang yai shadow puppet museum and the statue of famed poet Sunthorn Phu, who visited Phetchaburi and penned the travelogue Niras Muang Phet during the early Rattanakosin period. Pichaya Svasti Phra Ram Ratchaniwet Palace, King Rama V had this small very western-style palace built on the Petch river just outside of town. The palace was based on the summer palace of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany. Before leaving you will visit “Hua Hin Train Station”, during the reign of King Rama VI, and only a short distance from the center of town, Hua Hin’s railway station and adjacent royal waiting room are undeniably attractive. The brightly painted wooden buildings that are Thai in concept and design somehow manage to have a ‘Victorian’ feel to them. The story about the birth of Hua Hin as a royal seaside getaway town would be incomplete without a mention of this historic railway station. 


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Day 2: Pranburi – Chumporn  (220 km)

09.00 Phra Mahathat Chedi Phakdi Prakat, the great Rattanakosin-style pagoda named by His Majesty the King, was built from the faith of the people to the His Majesty the King without any fund of the government in order to honor and present to His Majesty the King on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty’s Accession. It is a bell-shaped pagoda on the Phaith-shaped square base with the implication of the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty’s Accession. The 5-story building implies 5 Skandhas and the group of 9 pagodas implies the temple of King Rama IX. After visiting Phra Mahathat Chedi Phakdi Prakat, continue to Chumphon National Museum is a very informative museum, with artifacts dating back as far as 4000 years! Tools, bowls, jewelry, and artwork are among some of the fantastic items on display, here. The museum includes interactive displays of architecture, history, culture and military pieces. This museum is educational and truly informs you of the history of Chumphon, as well as the prehistoric wonders of our earth. Next to Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine, many people may be familiar with the name of Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse. Prince of Chumphon as Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak or Sadet Tia who was highly-praised among the navy. His Royal Highness is the son of King Chulalongkorn and is the Father of the Royal Thai Navy. His Royal Highness had great gratitude for the nation and was a person who provided the foundation for the Royal Thai Navy Administration. Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine of Chumphon Province was built in many places but the most enormous and crucial one is located at Sai Ri Beach in Chumphon Province. Whoever travels to Sai Ri Beach but does not come to pay homage to Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine has not yet truly arrived there. Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine consists of an old shrine that faced floods and the locals contributed both physical, mental and financial support to build a new shrine with their faith to establish the spiritual attachment and sanctity for the people, navy personnel and fishermen. The shrine is a building constructed with one layer of brick and cement and adorned with Thai patterns. During holidays or festivals, a great number of devotees come to light incense sticks and firecrackers to fulfill their vows at the front. If you walk down the ramp and look up, you will see that the entire shrine base is designed to be a duplicate of the HTMS Chakri Naruebet facing towards Sai Ri Beach. There is also the exhibition hall for the biography of Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon or Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak. In the nearby area, the Royal Chumphon Ship which has been put out of commission is exhibited with its bottom half embedded in the cement ground. The Royal Chumphon Ship was assigned on a mission to escort the landing crafts and patrol the coast. In addition, there is Admiral Prince Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Royal Palace, the place where His Royal Highness passed away. For those who visit Sai Ri Beach, we would suggest you pay respect to Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine for propitiousness and joy throughout your journey. Before drive to check-in at the hotel, you will visit  Tham Khwan Mueang Temple, this temple is quite large. Stairs lead to a beautiful view of tropical coconut and palm plantation fields – such a lush and rich way to see the true tropical land of Chumphon. The air is fresh and fragrant here, with tropical breezes, offering breathtaking views. After visit drive to check-in at the hotel


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Day 3: Chumporn –  Surat Thani – Koh Samui (250 km)

09.00 Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya Ratchaworawihan, Surat Thani Province. Talking about the sanctity that we believe in, each person has respect for different sanctities such as the temples that we regularly go for merit-making or the monks that we believe in. Besides the sanctity that holds our respect, the respectable sanctities are equally important as they are the spiritual attachment of the people in the community or province. They are different in each region. The southern region of Thailand is considered another region with many respectable sanctities. For example, “Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya RatchaWorawihan” in Surat Thani Province is the home of the Buddha’s relics and the only place in Thailand that ultimately reflects the arts of the Srivijaya period. It is assumed to be built in the 13th-14th Buddhist Century but there appears to be no clear history of the construction. The important landmark in the temple is the Buddha Relic Pagoda majestically located in the temple and it is the pagoda in which both Thai and foreign tourists come to pay respect for auspiciousness. Accordingly, it is a highly-revered and respectable place for the people in Surat Thani Province and other nearby provinces. The temple also compounds Phra Wihan Luang and the ordination hall which are decorated with fine Thai patterns. In addition, the temple has 3 red sandstone Buddha images that were built in the Ayutthaya period enshrined in the outdoor courtyard of the temple for the people to pay respect. Next to visit Chaiya National Museum located within the compound of Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya Ratchaworawihan temple, categorized as a historical, arts and archeology museum. The objective of the museum during early establishment is to collect artifacts founded in the Chiya district archeological site, by Master Phra Khru Sophon Jetikaram (IAM), former primate Chaiya. Not far from the Museum you can visit Ban Phum Reang Weaving Village, one of the Weaving Group of southern-style woven silk in the region. The Village, which is renowned for its painstaking craftsmanship that involves incredibly delicate patterns, is situated in Ban Phum Rieng, an ancient community that is home to both Thai Muslims and Buddhists in Chaiya district. End of the tour take a ferry with your car to Koh Samui


Overnight Koh Samui  / Rummana Boutique Resort  (Deluxe Villa with Bathtub) or similar class


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Day 4: Koh Samui around Island Tour

Discover Thailand’s second-largest island and its abundant beaches and marvel at coconut trees with hanging fruit on a full-day discovery tour of Koh Samui. Start with a visit to the lakeside temple of Wat Plai Laem and admire a stunning feat of ancient Thai-Chinese architecture. See the giant statues of Guanyin and Laughing Buddha before going to the Big Buddha Temple, known locally as Wat Phra Yai. Look at the gold-painted, 12-meter high statue of Buddha. Continue to Chaweng Viewpoint (also known as “Lat Ko Viewpoint”) for panoramic views of Lamai and Chaweng Beach. The enchanting sunrise on Chaweng Bay is definitely a treat for the eyes. Admire the rock formations of Hin Ta (Grandfather) and Hin Yai (Grandmother), shaped like male and female genitalia. The whole area is adorned with oceanside rocks that are perfect for some quiet beach time. See a mummified body of the Thai monk, Luong Pordaeng, sitting in a meditative position in a glass case at the Mummified Monk. For the Thais, it is an act of reverence and reflection, and an acceptance of the natural order of things. Admire the cascades of the Na Muang Waterfall as they fall into a natural pool, ideal for cooling off from the day’s heat. Explore the island’s capital at Nathon, and get a wonderful opportunity to absorb Thai culture on the constantly buzzing streets. Catch the gorgeous sunset as it dips in the west before returning to your hotel.


Overnight Koh Samui  / Rummana Boutique Resort  (Deluxe Villa) or similar class


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Day 5: Koh Samui  – Nakhon Si Thammarat – Phatthalung – Talay Naoi (280 km)

09.00 Check out from the hotel, cross the ferry to Donsak Pier continue to Nakhon Si Thammarat to visit The Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan temple with its huge chedi (pagoda) is one of the most important Buddhist temples in Thailand and one of the very oldest. It is one of only six primary royal temples. The exact dates and order of construction are unclear, although it is known that the Phra Borom That Chedi at the center of the temple pre-dates the rest of the buildings by as much as six hundred years.  The chedi was built in 555, or 757 according to some sources, at nearly the exact center of the original walled city. It wasn’t unusual for large monumental pagodas to be built by themselves back then. The structure was originally smaller and in the squarish style of the Srivijaya empire. It is said to contain relics of the Buddha brought from Sri Lanka two thousand years ago. The chedi was enlarged and given its current ‘Sri Lankan’ shape around 1227, which is probably also when a temple was built around the pagoda. The chedi sits in a large cloister-like courtyard filled with a forest of 158 smaller pagodas. The smaller monuments are in a variety of styles and appear to be funerary reliquaries built by the faithful over many hundreds of years. Next to Visit Suchart Subsin’s Nang Talung Museum, Nang Talung or small shadow puppets are carved from cow skins and this ancient cultural performance originated in Southern Thailand. Nang Talung puppets can be as small as 15 centimeters in length and require meticulous attention to details. Late national artist Suchart Subsin was one of Thailand’s greatest Nang Talung craftsmen and puppeteers. He had brought Nang Talung to the international level and even though he passed on, his family and apprentices are working hard to keep the heritage alive.


Overnight at Sripakpra Andacura Boutique Resort Phatthalung  (Sri Villa / Standard Villas

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Meal (1)  Breakfast


Day 6: Phatthalung – Talay Naoi – Koh Lanta (250 km)

09.00 Visit  “Thale Noi Lake“, Thale Noi (means little sea in Thai), we will do the most popular boat trip. You will see the fishermen’s huts on stilts with their Yor yak, large nets. Then continues at least by going to see the lotus whose peak flowering covers a huge part of the lake with the pink flowers. You can also see fishermen throwing their net. Thale Noi is also a protected non-hunt area, probably the most important of Thailand, for birds, some migratory, others living here all year round. There are around 180 different species. Next to visit Varni Handicraft or Krajood handicraft learning center, “Krajood” a kind of seagrass to make basketry for more than 200 years. Mr. Nat, an award-winning artist, and designer, has become the 3rd generation to continue this craft. As far as he can remember, he has seen his mother and grandmother work on Krajowy to make household items including matting, baskets, and bags. His house is a large community craft center where members make Krajood products for a living. Nat has introduced a lot of contemporary elements into the products, using inspirations from nature combined with special dyeing and weaving techniques, yet these simple and stylish products still retain their traditional charm.


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Day 7: Lanta day tour with Animal Welfare Center 

Start the tour at 9 AM with pick up from your hotel. Travel to the Lanta National Park and relax on the sandy beach and beautiful rocky beach. Walk up to the viewpoint at the lighthouse for incredible photo opportunities. Head into the Lanta’s Old Town sightseeing. Admire the 100-year-old Chinese wooden houses and enjoy time for shopping. Continue to the Lanta Animal Welfare Center which is full of local rescue dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens waiting patiently to welcome you. Brighten their days by petting them and giving them love, affection, and exercise. Hang out with the cats and kittens in the new Kitty Café where you can also purchase drinks and delicious food before back to the hotel


Overnight at  Twin Lotus Resort and Spa (Deluxe with bathtub) or similar class


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Day 8: Koh Lanta – Krabi (180 km)

09.00 Leave from Koh Lanta, next to Krabi. Visit the Emerald Pool or Sra Morakot. Walk along the rainforest trail and cool off the heat of Krabi with a swim in this freshwater pool inside the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve. Its green hue is a result of an abundance of minerals from the surrounding limestone hills. Next, visit Krabi natural hot spring and its hot stream waterfall, Khlong Thom Waterfall. Though the falls itself is just a cascade tumbling gently a few meters, it is unique in that the spring water that feeds it bubbles up from the earth at a temperature of 40° Celsius. Before the end of the day visit Wat Tham Suea, also known as the Tiger Cave Temple. The Tiger Cave Temple is a Buddhist temple is known for the tiger paw prints in the cave, tall Buddha statues and the strenuous flight of stairs to reach the summit. The foundation of the temple dates back to 1975 (B.E. 2518) when a Vipassana monk named Jumnean Seelasettho (Ajahn Jumnean) went to meditate in the cave. During his meditation, he witnessed tigers roaming around the cave. This discovery led to naming the temple Wat Tham Suea. Another legend says that an actual huge tiger used to live and roam the cave. The naming of the temple also comes to discoveries of a tiger paw prints on the cave walls, and also the bulge of the cave resembling a tiger’s paw. Venture 1,200 steps up the hill for views of Krabi and its limestone rock formations.


Overnight at Krabi Railay Bay Resort & Spa (Deluxe with Bathtub) or similar class


Meal (1)  Breakfast


Day 9: Krabi – Phang Nga – Phuket (220 km)

09.00 Start to visit Than Bok Khorani National Park is covering over 100 square kilometers in all, At the Visitor Centre just south of Ao Luek, a nature trail leads straight to the park’s namesake attraction Than Bok Khorani Waterfall. Draped in long rattan leaves and bamboo groves, the roots of dipterocarp trees reach into a wide stream colored a cloudy emerald by calcite deposits from the nearby mountains. Next to Phang Nga Province visits 2 of Thailand’s most amazing temples. The first stop will be the Dragon Cave Temple at the site of stunning stalagmite and stalactite caves that you can explore. Continue on to Suwan Khuha Temple, or Wat Suwan Khuha, one of the most historic of Phang Nga’s temples. It is located in a giant cave and houses a 15-meter-long reclining Buddha statue. End of visit drive to Phuket for overnight


Overnight Phuket Prince Edouard Apartment & Resort (Deluxe with bathtub) or similar class


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Day 10: Phuket City Tour (80 km)

10.00 Start to discover the most iconic and picturesque sites throughout Phuket and learn about the history of Phuket. Your first stop will be to Phuket Old Town, where you can enjoy this historical sight with a professional guide as you get to know Phuket’s local food. You can snap pictures and explore the colorful Sino-Portuguese style architecture, such as the former Charter Standard Bank building and vibrant street art along Thalang Road. Your next stop will be to the Chalong Temple, where you can see the glistering pagoda and wax model of “Cham Abbot”, who is highly respected by the people of Phuket. Many Thais come for paying respect to the abbot for good fortune in their lives. Continuing on your tour, you will visit one of Phuket’s iconic landmarks on top of the Nakkerd Hills. The Big Buddha was built as a symbol of peace and unity of the Phuket people, and you will be able to see the majestic 45-meter high white marble Marnwichai style statue up-close whilst enjoying the view of both Chalong Bay and Kata Bay.  Finally, you will visit a wind power energy plant situated near the Promthep Cape which is renowned for its stunning views. You will then continue to the last highlight of admiring the Karon viewpoint on the west coast of Phuket. Don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures of the view of several bays, the green mountain and the emerald sea with its turquoise water before heading back to your accommodation. 


Overnight Phuket Prince Edouard Apartment & Resort (Deluxe with bathtub) or similar class


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Day 11: Phuket Airport (40 km)

Transfer to Phuket Airport


Meal (1)  Breakfast


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– Boat Fees and Ferry ticket

– Cool Water (2 Bottles a day) and cool towel

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–  English speaking guides

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