Bangkok Information


Bangkok Information

Basically everyone is staying in the lively metropolis with more than 11 million people too short – the number of sights, shopping, gastronomic delights and leisure activities is huge. For sightseeing are the Grand Palace, the holiest Thai temple Wat Phra Kaeo one of its complex with the sacred Emerald Buddha, and the Vimamnek Palace – the largest with more than 80 rooms building in the world, built entirely of golden gleaming teak wood – a must. A spiritual impression one gets at Wat Pho, the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok, where the giant gold-plated reclining Buddha statue is the absolute highlight.

Population: 12 million.

Vaccinations are not required, but are recommended in some cases. Such information gives your family doctor or – Travel Medical Center; Favorites 32, 1040 Vienna, Austria;

All necessary medical facilities are available in Bangkok and other major cities. The doctors, especially in the prestigious but expensive private hospitals in the capital and the tourist centers have a qualified medical training, have partly studied in Western countries and speak common languages. The equipment of these hospitals is of international standard. Most private hospitals accept credit cards.

Depending on traffic and the chosen hotel between 35 and 60 minutes from the international airport in the city.

220 Volts / 50 Hertz alternating current; In many places you will need a socket adapter.

Between Austria and Thailand during the summer time +5, +6 hours otherwise.

Currently no exit fees are refunded.Flights to Bangkok Airways (PG reads the code of the airline) performs must be reconfirmed 48 hours before departure. This applies to both domestic routes as well as for international flights. The call center of Bangkok Airways can be reached from all over Thailand by calling 1771 (a prefix is not required).

At the express request of our tour guide and agencies, we would like to point out that in rented on site vehicles not covered by insurance and the risks associated with their own steering, are often underestimated! Note: In Thailand, turn left.